Bespoke Listing Service

Let us take the problem away and allow you to concentrate on your own business by 
using our bespoke listing service. At Stonelocator we will do the following for you….

  • List your stock items and ensure they are correctly priced and displayed for sale
  • Have our customer service team available for you to phone Monday to Friday
  • Enhanced chances of an item sale if listed by industry experts
  • Ensures that items are live for sale within 3 days.


Take advantage of the bespoke listing service on the stone industry’s unique trading market place
and sell your excess stock to new customers.

How the service will operate

Seller to contact Stonelocator customer service team to discuss requirements.

  • Seller will complete a simple Stonelocator template
  • Stonelocator customer service team will upload and list up to 100 items within 72 hours


The rates for this premium service are:

  • 1- 10 items £7.50 inc VAT
  • 11- 30 items £14 inc VAT
  • 31 – 50 items £22 inc VAT
  • 51-100 items £40 inc VAT


Seller can see access to the listing prior to the items going live for sale. Items will be listed and normal
commission rates will apply.

To use our bespoke listing service, simply submit your details below and we will be in touch
to arrange listing of your items.


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