How It Works

Stonelocator is a trade only service that links buyers and sellers within the stone industry. Stonelocator does not sell any material but charges a commission fee to the seller – only upon completion of a sale. There are no upload or membership fees.

BuyersAs a buyer you can browse and search for stone. Only when you want to purchase will you need to register your details. Payment can be made via Paypal or credit/debit card, if you do not have a Paypal account. As the buyer you are responsible for arranging collection of your purchase. One of the search criteria is location – so you need to weigh up the transportation costs alongside the price of the stone. Once the purchase is made your full details will be sent to the seller.  We would encourage all buyers to leave seller feedback on the Stonelocator website. Buyers will receive an invoice/receipt from the seller.

PLEASE does not own any stone and all transactions are made between buyer and seller. will take a 15% sales commission from the seller once the sale is successfully transacted.

SellersYou need to register your details before you can list any material for sale. The price you list pieces of stone at should be inclusive of VAT. Once a sale is made you will receive your payment via Paypal along with the buyers details.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to collect the stone and you should give reasonable access between Mon-Fri 08.30-16.30 except bank holidays. The stone should be as listed and any queries should be dealt with between buyer and seller. As a seller you will be asked to pay a 15% commission fee via Paypal once the buyers money has reached your account. Sellers should provide a receipt for the buyer.

PLEASE will make a request for payment of the 15% sales commission to the seller once the purchase payment has been received. The seller will will also receive an invoice from Please refer to the user agreement.

Our Mission is totally committed to providing an ongoing market place for the online trading of stone for the benefit of both buyers and sellers. There has been significant investment in website design, build and maintenance, and to keep up with increasing demand for the service further investment is planned in the future.

Thank-you for your interest – The Stonelocator Team